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Are you interested in outsourcing your assignments to professional writers, but you are worried because you feel that it can increase your risk of facing plagiarism charges? If your answer is yes, then be aware that you can prevent that by ensuring that you work with the most reputable assignment writing companies.

Our writing company has already earned a good reputation for delivering unique and custom-written assignments. You receive all the copyright of the written material once we deliver it to you. This means that you have all the rights to use it in any way you want.

We also thoroughly check assignment for plagiarism, so our clients have a guarantee that they will never be charged for such a serious offense. We use the following to double-check the uniqueness of our writers’ work:

Online Plagiarism Checkers

A plagiarism checker is an online tool that detects duplication of contents online. We use it to scan your assignment and check whether there are any duplicates. We use both free and premium plagiarism checkers. Paid checkers have more features, but free versions should suffice for students. We use both to ensure that our students will receive only the most professional and unique output. Our mission is to provide students with professionally written assignments that will never put them at risk of being charged for plagiarism. Our main goal is to make sure that our clients are one hundred percent satisfied with the written assignments that we offer to them.

Indexing Sites

Indexing sites for research papers have all the published articles as requirements for all research journals, books, and educational and research institutions. We check PubMed and NIH for exact duplication and similarity of titles. We also check publisher-specific indexing sites, such as Springer, Elsevier and Wiley Blackwell.

Subscribing to these indexing sites costs big money, but it is all worth it since we know that this will guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. Aside from the friendly rates that all students can afford, you will also get money-back guarantee and three revisions for free.

What you can Get from Us?

Aside from having a hundred percent assurance that we thoroughly check assignment ordered by our clients for plagiarism, you will also get other valuable features just by requesting for our services. Here are just some of the features that you will enjoy from our writing services:

  • On-time delivery – Our professional writers know how important it is to meet deadlines. They are committed to finishing your ordered assignments and delivering them on time.
  • Money-back guarantee – This is a proof that we deliver high quality services. We offer a money-back guarantee, which will require us to return the money that you have paid for the service if you remain unsatisfied with it.
  • Free revisions – You can ask our professional writers to revise and polish their work up to three times. The good news is that the 3 revisions are free. You don’t need to pay anything just to ensure that the written assignments meet your requirements.
  • Friendly rates – We know how hard it is for students to budget their allowance, so we offer our services on a rate that most students will find affordable.
  • Competent and experienced writers – Our team of writers know their craft. They know what they are doing. They have been in the field of academic writing for several years now, so expect their work to be really high in terms of quality.

Our company also makes checking your assignment for plagiarism a priority, so you no longer need to ask yourself “how can I check my assignment” for uniqueness once you receive it.

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